Creation of new Committees

An interesting Severo Ochoa action is the formation of three new committees on Recruiting, Seminars & Training, and Gender Equality. These committees are integrated by members of each research lines and have the support of the Severo Ochoa project managers. In 2017, two other committees were created, the Technology Transfer committee, and the Communication & Outreach committee. These new committees were added to the already existing committees of the Institute: Health & Safety, Computing, Gases and Waste Management


The objectives of this committee are to attract junior and senior scientists with outstanding track record on FUNMAT specialties, from Spain and abroad; foster and develop a professional career to promote excellent researchers on FUNMAT specialties.

  • Anna Roig (RL1)
  • Narcís Mestres (RL2)
  • Gervasi Herranz (RL3)
  • Esther Barrena (RL4)
  • Jaume Veciana (RL5)
  • Montse Salas (Strategic Managing Unit)

Gender Equality Committee

Gender is a cross-cutting issue and is mainstreamed in all European and national projects, ensuring a more integrated approach to research and innovation. The objectives of the Gender Committee are based on the strategy on gender equality of Horizon 2020:

  • Fostering gender balance in research teams, in order to close the gaps in the participation of women.
  • Ensuring gender balance in decision-making, in order to reach the target of 40% of the under-represented sex in panels and groups and of 50% in advisory groups.
  • Integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation (R&I) content, helps improve the scientific quality and societal relevance of the produced knowledge, technology and/or innovation.

The Gender Committee created within the Severo Ochoa project has the goal of recognizing and strengthening equal opportunities within the Institute. It organizes  workshops and activities to raise awareness, and has sponsored the creation of a mailbox that anyone studying or working at ICMAB can use (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), with the aim of making anyone feel safe and protected in front of physical or psychological situations of harassment that are gender related.

  • Riccardo Rurali
  • Núria Aliaga
  • Nieves Casañ
  • Anna Crespi
  • Carlos Frontera
  • Enrique Irisarri
  • Ángel Pérez
  • Susagna Ricart
  • Pietat Sierra
  • Anna May Masnou (Communication & Outreach)

Technology Transfer Committee

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Committee was established in July 2017. The main objectives of the Committee are defining the KTT strategy of ICMAB, reviewing the KTT actions done during a certain period of time and planning the future actions.
  • Alejandro Goñi (RL1)
  • Elies Molins (RL1)
  • Dino Tonti (RL1)
  • Xavier Granados (RL2)
  • Mar Tristany (RL2)
  • Ignasi Fina (RL3)
  • Martí Gich (RL3)
  • Jaume Veciana (RL4)
  • Anna López-Periago (RL5)
  • Nora Ventosa (RL5)
  • Xavier Obradors (Director)
  • Rosa Palacín (Deputy Director)
  • Alfonso del Rey (TT Unit)
  • Susana Garelik (TT Unit)
  • Laura Cabana (Strategic Managing Unit)

Seminars and Training:

The objectives of this seminar are to disseminate the ICMAB research lines; et people know the new researchers incorporated at ICMAB; spread the offer of the Scientific and Technical services available at ICMAB; offer periodical seminars by renowned national and international researchers. attract top class young scientists with outstanding track record with profiles that will strengthen the RLs and who will support the implementation of the SRP and the consolidation of our center; generate a distinctive and competitive post-graduate and multidisciplinar training program specialized on Advanced Functional Materials and Nanomaterials as the best possible starting platform for a successful career; and organize Training Workshops on specific subjects.

  • Alejandro Goñi (RL1)
  • Concepción Domingo (RL1)
  • Mariona Coll (RL2)
  • Anna Palau (RL2)
  • Lourdes Fàbrega (RL3)
  • Alberto Pomar (RL3)
  • Rosario Núñez (RL4)
  • Enric Canadell (RL4)
  • Gerard Tobías (RL5)
  • Anna Laromaine (RL5)
  • Montse Salas (Strategic Managing Unit)

Communication & Outreach

The Communication & Outreach Committee was formally established in April 2018, as part of one of the Severo Ochoa project objectives, to invigorate the Communication & Outreach of the Institute. The committee is formed by the C&O officer and by representatives from the different research lines and technical services of the Institute. 


  • Communication:

The aim of the committee is to support and collaborate on internal and external communications. This includes communication within the center and organization of events, and communication to the press and social media. It functions as a general discussion space for supporting, developing, and sharing information about communications efforts. The committee's primary method of communication is by email and by periodical meetings.  

  • Outreach:

As part of its mission, ICMAB aims to inform society about the research being conducted by its scientists in materials science, both to help citizens understand the importance of research and make informed decisions, and to encourage young people to consider scientific careers.
The institute organizes or takes part in a range of dissemination activities throughout the year. These outreach activities are coordinated by the Communication & Outreach Office, with direct collaboration with researchers from all groups and technicians through the Committee. Together they also develop materials for students and teachers to help explain certain concepts and methods.

  • Anna May - Communication & Outreach Officer
  • Nieves Casañ - RL1
  • Mar Tristany - RL2
  • Joffre Gutiérrez - RL2
  • Ferran Macià - RL3
  • J. L. Garcia Muñoz - RL3
  • Núria Crivillers - RL4
  • Judith Guasch - RL5
  • Stefania Sandoval - RL5
Anna May-Masnou This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Anna May-Masnou This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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