Research Staff

ICMAB is the people. During 2018, 341 people have been working at THE ICMAB, either as an undergraduate student, as a PhD or postdoc researcher, as a technician or management staff, or as a full time scientist. Some of the numbers are the following:

Scientific staff is formed by the permanent research staff (61), postdoctoral fellows (58), and PhD researchers (113), giving a total of 232 researchers. 52 % of the postdocs and 47 % of the PhD fellows are from abroad.

The support staff (58) is formed by the technical staff (27), the administration staff, the library staff, the IT department and the maintenance and safety staff (31). From the support staff, 56 % have a permanent position and 43 % are female.

In addition, we have visiting researchers (6), undergraduate and master students (34), and the staff working also in spin-offs (6).

Of the total staff, 58 % are male (42 % female) and 30 % are from abroad, from a total of 26 countries. 41 % of the staff has less than 30 years old, and 16 % are more than 50.

Personnel evolution: Permanent/Non-permanent 2006-2018

This figure plots the ICMAB permanent and non-permanent researchers’ evolution since 2006 and until 2018.
There is a strong increase of non-permanent staff in the last three years (79 new staff, 65 % increase), corresponding to the Severo Ochoa period.
The ratio between non-permanent and permanent staff is very high.
The permanent support personnel have only increased by a 12 %, whereas the total personnel and permanent scientists have increased a 53 %.


ICMAB permanent staff evolution: Permanent 1992-2018

The permanent staff since 1992 has been on a constant growth until 2013. From 2013 to 2016 it experienced a light decay, and in 2018 we achieved the highest number ever.

ICMAB permanent research staff evolution
During the Severo Ochoa period there has been a net increase of 4 researchers, and two more are expected for 2019.

ICMAB permanent researchers age distribution by gender
We can observe that only 8 % of the researchers are under 40 years old, and that 23 % are over 60. The average age is 53 years old. Moreover, 60 % of the permanent researchers are male.

New positions during 2018

Permanent researchers 

Tenured Scientists

  • Mariona Coll 
  • Joffre Gutiérrez 
  • Agustín Mihi

Research Scientist 

  • Rosario Núñez
  • Mariano Campoy-Quiles
  • Gerard Tobias

Research Professors 

  • Anna Roig
  • M. Rosa Palacín

Support staff

  • Andrés Gómez: Specialized Technical Staff
  • Vega Lloveras: Specialized Technical Staff
  • Judith Oró:  Specialized Technical Staff
  • Imma Moros: Managing Director
  • Alfonso del Rey: Technology Transfer Officer
  • Laura Cabana: Strategic Managing Unit

Postdoctoral fellows

Ramón y Cajal researchers

  • Judith Guasch – Biomedicine
  • Arántzazu González – Chemistry
  • Ignasi Fina – Materials

Juan de la Cierva researchers

  • Roberta Verrelli – Juan de la Cierva – Incorporación
  • Jose Muñoz – Juan de la Cierva – Incorporación
  • Elzbieta Pach – Juan de la Cierva – Formación

Tecnio Spring Plus

  • Judith Morlà Folch

Marie Curie-Sklodowska Action (MSCA)

  • Fernan Saiz
  • Luis Alberto Pérez

Postdoctoral Projects

  • Inés Bennour
  • Raúl Espinal
  • Nico Dix
  • Fernan Saiz
  • Veli Mikko Kataja
  • Konstantin Shapovalov
  • Pavel Strichovanec
  • Max Sieger
  • Carlos Moya
  • Luis Alberto Pérez
  • Agnese Rabissi
  • Flonja Liko Pinto
  • Albert Ferrer Ugalde
  • Pol Torres
  • Yamila Garcia
  • Carlos Pobes Aranda

Predoctoral Researchers and Master Students

Pre-doctoral FPI Severo Ochoa

  • Pablo García (with Ángel Pérez)
  • Marc Font (with Feran Macià)
  • Jesús Alejandro de Souza (with Concepció Rovira and Núria Crivillers)
  • Alejandro Borrás (with Ana M. López-Periago)

Pre-doctoral FPI Project

  • Marc Martínez (with Jaume Veciana and Nora Ventosa)
  • Pau Molet (with Agustín Mihi)
  • Miquel Nuez (with Rosario Núñez and Clara Viñas)
  • Ángel Campos (with Marta Mas and Concepció Rovira)

Pre-doctoral FPU

  • Nerea González (with Imma Ratera)

Pre-doctoral AGAUR FI-DGR

  • Judit Tomsen Molero (with Nora Ventosa)

Pre-doctoral CSC

  • Zhen Li (with José Giner)
  • Wenchao Duan (with Martí Gich)
  • Jinghai Li (with Marta Mas-Torrent)
  • Yunwei Sheng (with Josep Fontcuberta)
  • Xiao Long (with Josep Fontcuberta)
  • Tingfeng Song (with Florencio Sánchez)
  • Jinhui Hu (with M. Isabel Alonso)
  • Minghua Kong (with M. Isabel Alonso)
  • Kai Xu (with M. Isabel Alonso)
  • Wenhai Wang


  • Vladimir Dikan (with Alberto García)
  • Artur Romanov (with Joffre Gutiérrez and Teresa Puig)
  • Roberto Fabiao Santos Abreu (with Imma Ratera)
  • Sohini Sinha (with Rosario Núñez)
  • Sumithra Yasaswini Srinivasan (with Anna Laromaine)

Pre-doctoral Projects

  • Arnau Romaguera
  • Daniel Riba
  • Juan David Forero
  • Adrià Pacheco
  • Matteo Springolo
  • Adrián Crespo
  • Teresa Cardona
  • Albert Harillo
  • Jordi Alcalà
  • Osnat Zapata
  • Simona Ricci
  • Ma Teresa Gómez
  • Raquel Gimeno
  • Isabel Guerrero
  • Marina Llenas

Master Severo Ochoa

JAE Intro Research Student Stays

Project Researchers

  • Amanda Muñoz (with Anna Laromaine)
  • Jara Arcas (with Imma Ratera)
  • Aurora Martín (with Judith Guasch)
  • Alba Gutiérrez (with Nora Ventosa)
  • Laura Hernández (with José Giner)
  • Asier Zabalo (with Massimiliano Stengel)
  • David Vila (with Agustín Mihi)
  • Maria Montes
  • Cristina Romo
  • Carles Llavina


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